Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tonight, Tonight!!!!!!

Do you guys know what tonight is?
If you really don't know, you don't check up on the news.
If you do, are you excited like me?!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out!

Can you believe it?! It's been . . . a year and 5 months since Eclipse came out. We Twi-Hards have been dying in anticipation, waiting for this movie! How can you not? It's the part where Edward and Bella finally get married! Rumor has it that it was a legal wedding, meaning they actually really got married! Isn't that adorable?

I'm going to a thing called Twilight Experience tonight! My movie theater is offering to play Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn at midnight! Ahhhhh! Super duper excited! :D

So, what team are you? Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Me, personally, I am on Team Switzerland. I was Team Edward in the book and I'm a huge vampire fan, but then Taylor Lautner had to go shirtless in the movies and I was turned. So, I'm on both sides(:


  1. I'm going Sunday morning! Can't wait! Before I read the books, I read about 2 books a year (so sad). I was a TV addict. After reading this series, I never stopped reading. Now I read 1-2 books a week. I'm addicted to reading now! :-)

  2. Hey Sierra, I just gave your blog a Liebster award! You can check out the post here:


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