Monday, August 22, 2011


Guess what today was? Well, from the thing right there, I'm hoping you guys are guessing that it was my BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! I feel old; but I'm now only 14. This is the first year in awhile that I was in school for my birthday. I don't like it. I got birthday punches and they hurt. :( People can be mean! Gosh!

Well, I asked for books for my birthday. I got two pre-orders that release tomorrow (can anybody guess?) and some other books. I'll probably have a birthday IMM soon to come. I just wanted to have this post to say that 14 years ago, my mom gave birth to me. :D



  1. not only do we share the same name, but the same birth month. Ha, not quite the same thing as a birthday, but our b-days are pretty close together!

    Hope you had a great one! & I'm sorry about the birthday punches. I'm afraid I've never heard of those, but how rotten on them ;)

    mine's also going to be on the first day of school. *SIGH* the big one-six spent at school. *EVEN BIGGER SIGH*

  2. Heyyy, late reply, but happy birthday!! =)


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