Saturday, April 16, 2011

Giveaway {The Iron Thorn]

I really, really, extremely want this book! You don't know how BAD I want this book. 

In the city of Lovecraft, the Proctors rule and a great Engine turns below the streets, grinding any resistance to their order to dust. The necrovirus is blamed for Lovecraft's epidemic of madness, for the strange and eldritch creatures that roam the streets after dark, and for everything that the city leaders deem Heretical—born of the belief in magic and witchcraft. And for Aoife Grayson, her time is growing shorter by the day.
Aoife Grayson's family is unique, in the worst way—every one of them, including her mother and her elder brother Conrad, has gone mad on their 16th birthday. And now, a ward of the state, and one of the only female students at the School of Engines, she is trying to pretend that her fate can be different. 

-You can not tell me that this does not look like a good book? I know it does, you know it does, we all know it does.
This book has been on my wishlist for a long, long time. I swear, I have been saving up for this book for awhile, but I tend to use my money for some other book and forget all about this one. So, I try to enter a lot of giveaways that are for this book! You don't know how much I want to win this book! So, here is a giveaway that features this book. Enter if you want, I know I am! =]

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