Sunday, April 24, 2011


-First off, here's a question I was wondering. I don't know if it's just me, or does anybody else tend to read a couple of books at one time? I know I do, and I'm doing it right now. Three books actually. It's not that hard; I enjoy it! I'm on page 100 in about each book. :]

Second, I have five followers! Woohoo! Now there's more people that'll get to read the posts I make at 1am! {check the post below this to see one of them} :]

Thank you all that have stopped by! I check out all my followers blogs!
Bye, for now! Im itching to do a review, but I don't know which book to pick! :P
Happy Easter by the way! Disregard that if you don't celebrate it. 


  1. I definitely read more than one book at a time! I get bored easily so I like having the option of getting into more than one story. Also, I listen to books in the car too so I maximize my reading time with even more books. :D

    Jenny @ Into The Morning Reads

  2. i think i am reading like 6 right now, usually a thicker one and a few thin ones, if that makes sense


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