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Willow by Julia Hoban {1st review]

Seven months ago, on a rainy March night, sixteen-year-old Willow's parents drank too much wine and asked her to drive them home. They never made it Willow lost control of the car and her parents died in the accident. Now she has left behind her old home, friends, and school, and blocks the pain by secretly cutting herself. But when Willow meets Guy, a boy as sensitive and complicated as she is, she begins an intense, life-changing relationship that turns her world upside down.Told in an arresting, fresh voice, Willow is an unforgettable novel about one girl's struggle to cope with tragedy, and one boy's refusal to give up on her.

Title - Willow
Author - Julia Hoban
Pages - 329
Published & Publisher - April 2nd, 2009 ; Dial

-I think I'll start off the review with four words: I love this book. No exaggerations.

When I first picked it up, I was a little sketchy. I had never read any of Julia Hoban's works, so I had no idea what to expect, but I was impressed. 

In the book, Willow is a cutter. She killed her parents. That's her reason for cutting herself. It's her way of releasing her frustration. She doesn't cry, she's said that a few times in the book. Willow doesn't have any friends; she doesn't open up to anyone. Nobody knows about her cutting. Her guardians, her brother and his wife, don't talk about the accident, so Willow never really brings it up. Therefore, she doesn't have a real reason to tell her brother that she cuts. It would, and I quote, "Kill him," if he knew about her cutting. 

That was until she met Guy.

I love Guy. I wish I had my own Guy. He is the nicest, and most sweetest guy there is. He finds out Willow's secret about cutting.

No, he doesn't tell her brother, but he wanted to. He almost did, but he promised to Willow that he wouldn't. So not only is her cutting affecting her life, it's also taking a toll on Guy's. His whole life changed as soon as he find out about Willow. 

This story was a masterpiece. It left an impact on me. It shows what goes on inside a cutter's mind - what they feel when they cut, why they do it. The story was mixed with sadness as well as joyfulness and humor. I admit, I teared up a little bit, but other than that, this story has got to be one of my favorites.

It's Hard To Keep A Secret When It's Written All Over Your Body...

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