Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anybody Who Has A Blog Button - Help? {Closed]

Update: I fixed it. It's pretty and small and I love it. :D

I made myself a Blog Button, and followed the instructions on how to make it here. Maybe it's because it was formed in 2009. I don't know. But, I can't make my button any smaller. I tried to adjust the size but it didn't help at all. :( 

My main question and reason for this post would be if someone can help me with this situation. If you have step-by-step instructions, can you please help me? I felt all special when I made myself a button but my mood fell once I realized that my button takes up half of my blog. :l

Here's my button at the moment... You can see what I mean by it's TOO BIG. I tried to resize it on Photobucket but it didn't do anything.

Happily Never Ending

See my problem? That's not your average sized Blog Button, now is it? :(
For anybody that is willing to help, please comment on this post or you can email me 
{ ittssierraily(at)yahoo(dot)com }.

Thanks so much in advice. :D 


  1. I was going to help but the sizing looks fine to me. Sometimes it takes photobucket a few min. to catch up.

  2. I would download PHOTOFILTRE. You can always do it on photobucket, but I prefer it.
    It's a free& virus-free program.
    It was the first program I used when I took up graphic design in '07. Be sure to save it as a .png file, though. Otherwise it will look grainy.

    Here is the download link


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