Monday, July 11, 2011

June R.A.K. Wrapup

Random Acts of Kindness is hosted by the lovely Vanessa and Isalys at Book Soulmates. That is not the official button for this feature. It's just something cute I found on Google Images. It's where you do something nice for a fellow book lover. Send them a book, and you might just get one in return! :D

Last month, I received a few e-books. :) Thank you! I'm participating in July's R.A.K. as well. Can't wait. :)


Firespell {1st] - Chloe Neill
Hexhound {2nd ]- Chloe Neill
The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting
The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

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  1. The Body Finder is a FANTASTIC book! It's creepy, but the romance evens it out pretty well.
    I'd love to hear what you thought of it once you've read it.


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