Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deep by Susanna Vance {7th]

Somewhere in the Caribbean, seventeen-year-old Morgan and thirteen-year-old Birdie, two girls whose lives are worlds apart, are brought together by the maniacal Nicholas

Title - Deep
Author - Susanna Vance
Pages - 272
Published & Publisher - May 13th, 2003 ; Delacorte Books for Young Readers
{New!} Source - School Library
{New!} Rating - 2/5

-What can I say? I seriously did not like this book.

I'm one of those people who judge things by the cover. The cover is gorgeous, and makes me want to read it! I read the description, tiny one, and I thought it'd be different. I wanted it to be different. It started different. At first, it was good, but that was because it started out in 13-year-old Birdie's POV. When it switched {not a big fan of POVs that constantly switch}, that's when I started out disliking the book. Nothing interesting happened. Maybe it's because I didn't get to the climax of the book, but I couldn't. Nothing in the book drew me in. I actually fell asleep reading this book. Which is definitely not a good thing!

It might have been okay, if more interesting things took place.

I gave it 2 out of 5 because it did have a unique concept. The meeting of two different girls from two different kinds of people. One girl lived out in sea and she stow away from her parents. One girl is your normal city-living teenager {if that makes sense}. The author is the book is perfectly fine. She has great writing, her style is awesome. It was just the book itself

I recommend this book to anybody. To me, there wasn't a specific audience for this story. In my opinion, it wasn't a very good book. Buy hey, what can I say? I'm just giving my honest thoughts.

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