Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince {9th]

Wicked stepmother? Check. Evil stepsisters? Check. Miserable life? Check.

Lucy Norton’s life has all the makings of a Cinderella story. Her dad’s always away on business, leaving Lucy with her cruel stepmother and bratty stepsisters. She’s burdened with chores, and has a hard time fitting in at her new school. So when she sees Connor Pearson, the star player on the varsity basketball team, Lucy hopes her destiny has finally changed. With everything else going on in her life, doesn’t she at least deserve to get the handsome prince?
Melissa Kantor’s enchanting novel proves that sometimes the happy ending isn’t quite the one you’d expect. Lucy’s about to discover the truth about finding her real Prince Charming… and finding herself.

Title - If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?
Author - Melissa Kantor
Pages - 283
Published & Publisher - September 1st, 2005 & Hyperion 
{New!} Source - School Library
{New!} Rating - 3.5 out of 5

-This was such a cute book! A modern version of the Cinderella story. It wasn't one of my favorite books, but nothing can really compete with Twilight or Beautiful Creatures or the Vampire Academy series.

I liked how it was a present time fairy tale. But some things irked me. Maybe because it's an older (not way old, but 6 years) book and language has change. Take Connor for example. He barely expressed emotion. I like when I can just imagine myself there with the character...feeling what she's feeling, seeing what she's seeing. Stuff like that. I couldn't get into the story like that. 

The plot was predictable, obviously. I knew what would be the outcome when I first saw the title of the book. I thought it would be different...have an usual twist. But, that didn't happen! So, I was just left with the usual fairy tale ending. I still like this book. Predictable, or not. It was a great read.

"Well, if you still want to be a princess, that's okay with me."
I considered it for a second. "You know, I think I'll pass," I said.

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